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(New building style) XIX colonists (WIP)
Relive the XIXth century Gold rush !

    Hi there Smile

This is my attempt to make a new style of colony, XIX colonists 

I've started this project to build my base on a server with friends.
My idea being to make a Western city, between Mesa and Desert biomes, which the appearance would evolve according to the technologies of the mods that I will use (think of Immersive engineering)... Wink

For the lore, the colony become established before 1850s and is going to evolve till the late 1900s..
  • At the level 1, the style is simple, almost rural, mainly build with wood, and the ground made of sand most of the time.

  • Around the level 3, the style begins to become industrialized, stones and clay bricks appear according to their function and their wealth.

  • And at the level 5, buildings are decorated more or less richly, with quartz, concrete, terracotta...

Show ContentSpecifications of my way of building:

After installation, you will find a new style tab " XIX Colonists ", only the TownHall and Mine for now.
How to use custom huts ? 

.zip   XIX (Size: 234,31 KB / Downloads: 229)
Only the TownHall and Mine are available at present in the pack. (working on Warehouse and Builder from now..)

" XIX Colonists " building schematic pack is free for use, no need to ask if you can... YES YOU CAN  Big Grin 

Overview of the TownHall (made with concrete) :


Show ContentMore informations about the TownHall upgrades:

Overview of the Mine


Show ContentMore informations about the Mine upgrades:

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