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(New building style) XIX colonists (WIP)
(20.11.2017, 03:37)Asherslab Wrote: Quick question, Does this require any other mods? (mod-blocks etc used in buildings other than Minecolonies and Minecraft )

Not at the moment, because everybody doesn't use same mods.  Shy

In my to do list, I have to make all the buildings in vanilla 1.12, then I would make versions 1.10 (without concrete ...), finally I would make versions with the most common mods (Chisel, tinker ..).
We shall see to where my courage will carry me  Blush

But if I decided to use many Substitutionblocks, it is to free spaces in which we can put machines.
For example, as of the TownHall2, the 3x4x3 space of the 2 bedrooms (with floor) wont change, so you can destroy the bed and chest, and use this space as you want.
The advanced users, can study in a creative map the building, and find lot of places (which are full filled with substitutionblocks in next upgrades) where to place machines and other cables, even in walls.

(20.11.2017, 09:39)Asherslab Wrote: Also, i take it this is still under work, since the .zip you linked only contains the TownHall schematic =D

(12.11.2017, 01:25)Auriel_1 Wrote: After installation, you will find a new tab " XIX Colonists ", as wood or sandstone, for the TownHall.
A single building is available at present in the pack. (working mainly on Miner for now..)

Yes, the whole colony is WIP, but TownHall is usable in that state, although it will certainly be polished up (just always more substituionblocks..).

Show ContentFor the curious, here is the WIP Mine3 in preview Big Grin:

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