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(New building style) XIX colonists (WIP)
(12.11.2017, 02:42)Raycoms Wrote: What are those mountain ranges around the buildings? =D

These mountains are there precisly in case there were a mountain (hills or cliffs) where you want to build.

(12.11.2017, 01:25)Auriel_1 Wrote: The terraformation will be progressive, it is enough to flatten the area required for the first level. The outline of the ground will be worked later to size the builds.

If you want to build near a Mesa, the builder will dig just what is needed for the building, and later it will flatten to enlarge. 
I prefer that than make a cube of air with a small house in the middle..

It can (and will certainly) again change according to the advices, thus do not hesitate to test it  Tongue

(12.11.2017, 11:44)Asherslab Wrote: Looks awesome mate! I'm really tempted to play it. but i'd get sucked in and never get out.

Thank you, and yeah the difficult of this (and futures) build lives in the size, so lot of farming (if in vanilla) especially for clay..  Rolleyes
And time, the building occupy 9 chunks, and at least 30 blocks of heigh, thus the builder will have some work for several days with each build/upgrade..

At present I almost finished the Miner, with reduced chimney so it take 46x35x46 blocks..
Lot of work, but it offer an extracting system for the cobble, and a automated x8 furnace to make stone or clay..

But I hesitate to leave the sorting system in the Miner and keep the furnace for the builder.., your advice ?

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