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builder not completing a build
(29.01.2018, 18:53)Bihlbo Wrote: 3. Sometimes he's collected too many thoughts and needs his brain wiped. Save and quit then reload the world and he gets back to work.

I can relate.

I find that sometimes he wants something that is in his chest. He won't take it from the chest and he won't make a request. Placing the item directly into his inventory does no good, either. Usually what I try to do is to throw everything he needs on the ground by his chest, then when he is ready to go, he just picks everything up and never comes back until night or the job is finished. Of course, I empty his inventory first.
(29.01.2018, 18:53)Bihlbo Wrote: I've found three problems that kept my builder from working:

1. Inventory full. His inventory is full, and so is the woefully small chest in the builder's hut. He just stood there, not working. I took something out of the chest, and a stack of sand appeared. He didn't have sand in his inventory, though. I took out the sand and more sand appeared. 4-5 stacks of sand later, he finally drops off 5 sand and suddenly gets back to work. That builder's hut chest needs to be bigger.

I hit this error today in the version 1.12 snapshot.
I've created issue #2169 to track it.

Builder needs to indicate why work stopped if build-hut chest is full and builder wants to put something in it.

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