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Simple Base Level Suggestions
I'm a computer engineering student so I completely understand the difficulty that adding a new feature can be. I just wanted to make some small suggestions that I believe will significantly impact gameplay.
1.Renaming Citizens
This idea is one I'm huge for. Renaming citizens would also the player to have more enjoyable play by potentially naming the NPCs with relevant names or through multiple playthroughs they can have the same names for the different roles. i.e. woodcutter, miner. The player can change the worker and then change the workers' name so that the player sees the same tag and go to the right building.
2. Setting a Max Population/Accepting New Citizens
This idea is a little different. What I am trying to suggest is that in the town hall, the player is able to set the max population of the colony, so as they build more citizens huts, the colonies population doesn't rapidly expand. This would allow players to build citizen's huts without gaining new colonists. Then combined with the housing selection, the player can move citizens from house to house without the need of first removing the citizen that was there. They could build citizens huts for aesthetic even though they don't yet have a job for the citizen. With this, the average happiness would not decrease because the colonist is not unemployed. If the player could get the happiness to 10 and then increase the population limit they could get better skills by having the average higher. The implementation for this could be as simple as "Accepting New Colonists" and could be a button vs a number that has to be checked. 

If these changes get implemented and you guys make a youtube video about it, I would love a shoutout. Gamertag: RedRiches

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