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a couple of observations
I have only been using the mod for a couple of days having finally gotten a private server up and running. But here's what problems Ive had so far:

No problem starting fist colony but when I came to start a second and third colony with a different Minecraft login I had problems with placing a supply wagon or ship. The supply wagon would not place at all - the ship would place but there was no chest on it with the town hall building and builders tool. And yes I was more than 420 blocks away from the original colony using a different Minecraft account.

When using the builders tool to place the various chests - I can place it then walk around to make sure it is exactly where I want it. But when it comes to actually planting it in its place i had to go right up to the location of where the chest would be before it would allow the plot to be placed. This is happening every time I place a new chest.

I'm getting multiple occurrences of the builder making a request for an item which are not being filled by the delivery person. Even though I know the item is in the warehouse. My guess on this one is simply that the deliveryman is rather busy elsewhere. So my question on this is how long should we allow a deliveryman to fulfill the assignment before we step in to do it ourselves?
Regarding the ship, I have had the same problem in single player, no chest appears with the builder's wand or town hall building. I was able to get the supply camp to work, however, it requires removing every bit of tall grass or flowers within the placement area which is a bit frustrating, especially since they other buildings don't require that.

Placing buildings with the builders wand is a little finicky, but once you right click on some ground with the wand you can then choose which building, style and level you want to look at, and can move it around or rotate it with the arrows in the interface. You can hit escape while in that interface to leave the interface, move around, and observe the ghost of the schematic, and then you can right click the builder's wand again anywhere to resume placement of the same building, once you are happy with the location, simply use the green check in the interface to place it (I've noticed it can take a few clicks before it registers).

Depending on the size of your colony, your delivery person may simply have too many buildings to go between, consider building a second or third delivery hut to have a few of them running around at a time. This should greatly speed up the fulfilment of item requests.

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