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A problem or 2 with the citizens
Ok I'm having some issues with the citizens (these are issues on private server):
1. If I logout of my client and come back later I am finding that some of the citizens - notably the miner, builders and delivery person) are stuck. They stand where they are for some time without doing anything. sometimes I can get them motivated by recalling them to their chests or firing them and rehiring them but other times I'm having to reboot the server to get them moving again. (or any combination of the above).

2. Some of the citizens - notably the delivery people -  are getting stuck in doorways. Only solution to it is to destroy the door.
Try to update to the Latest alpha, do you have malisis doors installed? if yes, remove it please. That will solve issue 2
Thanks for the response. Ive downloaded the one ending .8133 . Question. Is the minecolonies official modpack by yourselves or not? Reason I ask is because of your suggesting I should remove malaise doors as it is part of that modpack.

Thanks anyway for a great mod - my young grandson and I are loving it.

first, glad you like our mod Tongue
And no the pack is not from me, its from Wissi. idk why malisis is keep in this pack, i will ask them to remove it again.
Does updating fix the issues?
Sadly no. I'm still getting the citizens freezing when I log back in. its not as frequent but it is still happening.
Ive also noticed that in the build queue in the town hall I now have a long list of builds related to the mine - specifically the mine shaft. It comes up with a schematic of some description. I cant delete them from the list and restarting the server doesn't get rid of them either.

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