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A few issues noted from my brother playing in creative
My little brother was playing on creative on a superflat world just to have fun with Minecolonies and he told me certain things weren't happening like we thought it was supposed to. Here are a series of events we discovered:
  • Deliveryman doesn't take bread to the Warehouse from the Bakery. 
  • Deliveryman doesn't deliver food to restaurant from the Warehouse. 
  • Farmer doesn't unload wheat very often. 
  • Deliveryman isn't stopping by the Farm to pick up wheat.
How many dmen does he have?
(24.04.2018, 01:58)Raycoms Wrote: How many dmen does he have?

He has 1. the dmans hut is lvl 2
And the solution is so simple, 1 dman is not enough to take care of everything, he needs more

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