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MineColonies ResourcePack
I'm working on creating a resource pack for MineColonies.

The biggest thing about it isn't any particular textures, but instead removing the custom textures that minecolonies uses and replacing them with the default textures from minecraft. This way, if you use a texture pack, then the minecolonies textures will automatically match it.


1. Download into .\resourcepacks\
2. Enable the resource pack in-game

- Racks
- Construction Tape
- Timber Frames

If the minecolonies admins wish to use this pack in part or in whole within the official mod, they are welcome to do so.
Making Progress...
[Image: Y08CdlD.jpg]

I'll update this archive as I complete things. Just drop it into your .\resourcepacks\ directory then enable the resourcepack in-game.
[Image: ikE5UPz.png]
Here's it with Sphax, as you can see the posts don't look too bad when the two sides combine (Left posts) but the 'Bolt' cuts off halfway on them (Middle post)

LB Photo Realism (128)

Battered Old Stuff (64)

John Smith (32)

DokuCraft (32)

BDCraft (32)

Default Improved (32)

Faithful 32 (32)

Full of Life (256) *some plank textures are incorrectly vertical

By request, here is it with Invictus (64):

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