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Constant lag and miner problem
I'm getting a lot of constant lag now from mine colonies. Ive boosted my server to run on 12Gb ram but its not helped at all. The problem has gotten considerably worse since the last update came out. Now if I try to move forward I am yanked back to my starting point. It can often take several attempts to help any of the citizens. From a given starting point I can take several attempts to continue in the direction I'm headed. I move forward anything from a couple of steps to 20-30 steps then I'm yanked back to where I started from. Finding alternative routes can sometimes be very frustrating. The problem decreases the further away I get from the colony - but needs me to move at least 100-200 blocks from nearest colony building.

Also is there a problem with having more than one miner? 
My first miner was taking forever to do anything so I started up a second mine. The problem is that the miner is dismantling the mine not building it. He/she is dismantling the first later of the mine where the fence is resting on top of cobblestone (this is the medieval oak mine where the first layer is underground). He removes both the cobblestone and the oak wood platform - wherein he tis then stuck and cannot get out of the mine. Then he/she cant get into the mine so I rebuild it. It is then promptly dismantled again by the miner.

As Ive said Ive allocated 12Gb ram to the server with my client running on 10Gb. So there is no problem with memory allocation. My internet speed is a constant 56Mg and rarely alters. Ive tried resetting everything including my router but nothing seems to change.
I'm running mine colonies as part of the "colonial Engineers" modpack. I was not having these issues before the latest update to mine colonies.

Any help would be appreciated.
I'm not familiar of having multi workers for one task. But if I understand, you create another mine building or juste add a mine well infrastructure?
I added a complete new mine building with citizen miner
Ok, and he mine over the other mine? (diging hole into holes ^^')

But that's true it would be great to assign multiple worker at the same building, just as barracks do (and I think it's on working for the staff)
No. You misunderstand me - I started a second mine in a different location within the colony boundaries.
Oh, it seems I can't fiigure what you're talking ^^' but why don't post screenshot to illustrate? ('Cause I'm quite curious about your issues)

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