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Update broke my warehouse
I updated from version .380(ish) to the current .471.

Now one of my 2 warehouses doesn't work anymore.
Not sure which one, but one of the warehouse blocks has turned 90 degrees for some reasonm, so I assume it's that one.

How do I fix this?

Simply clicking repair will probably turn the whole building, which will destroy my builders hut. (Not to mention moditications I made to the building for Refined Storage and Extra Utilities pipes).
And breaking it and replacing it will have me start from level 1 and probably loose all items?

I have 2 warehouses, both facing the same direction by chance. Only 1 turned.
The original warehouse turned, not the 2nd one. So, in my mind at least, there must be some kind of bug/glitch that ignores the "last" warehouse.
But does something to the others.
(By that logic if I had 3 warehouses or more, the last one built would always be unaffected, but all others would break.)
what you can do it remove the block, go in gamemode 1, and paste the same building over it in the right rotation
But then placing the new block will be a level 0 warehouse, right?
In creative gamemode it places it in the level you want it to be.
How do you paste a building in Creative mode? How do you set the level?
When using the building tool you have a row in the top with 3 dropdown menues. Hut level is the right most of them.
When in creative mode, you should allso have two buttons in the right lower corner. One pastes the building in as if built by the builder, the other pastes it in as the raw schematics (so placeholderblocks will be included and not replaced with dirt f.ex.). Unfortionaly I do not remeber which button is which.

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