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Barbarians, Villages, and more
I think it would be cool to find barbarians encampments and minecolonies villages that are NPC controlled.  Maybe even forts and strongholds that have factions or mercenaries.  Also, I would like to have barbarians only show up if there is an encampment nearby.  Another idea would be to add caravans that travel from town to town.  I would like to be able to create new towns without having to abandon my old town.  A few other ideas might be to add a roofer/crafter, glassblower, carpenter, and a merchant.  The roofer/crafter would work at a workshop and make roofs and concrete.  The glassblower would work at a glass factory and make glass and things that need glass to make.  The carpenter would work at a shop and make anything that takes wood to make including beds.  The Merchant would work at a market and sell goods that you told him to sell.

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