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So I'm making a mudpack and I've also included Biomes O Plenty.  I created a new world and boom... a massive Alps biome mountain right at the spawn.  And then I think... I wonder.... could I possibly make this work hollowing out the mountain?  Then I thought maybe someone here has done something like this before and could confirm that it would work.  Anyone?
If your question is: Are my builder able to hollow the mountain to build my huts, the answer is Yes. When you place your hut chest within a hill or a mountains (even underground), it will replace the block where you placed it. Then all you have to do is to dig an access to the hut chest then ordering his building. The builder, assuming you provide him the necessary Tools, will dig a space suficient enough to build your hut.
I may do a lot of the hollowing myself.  I was just curious if there is any reason (aside from lack of easy access to trees and fields) that it wouldn't work.  I assumed not.  It would probably make for enhanced security!  Now to get them to refer to me as King Under the Mountain.
Yeah, that would also be awesome if someone create an alternative stone design like dwarf city Big Grin
Im working on such building schemes and it looks pretty awesome so far.

Build my town in the side of a mountain with a little plateau in front for the farmers.

Only problem is, the builders run upon the mountain to start working. On the farside of the construction site.
Any way to make the work from a closer location, one that is easier to access?

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