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[Problem] Smelter
In my game I had issues with my smelter.

First, my smelter ask for smeltable ore, but his request cannot bu fulfilled even with iron ore in my warehouse nore in my inventory. And when I had furnish him with ore and fuel, he didn't smelt them.

Then, after the classic manipulation to debug him (fire/hire, recall, etc...) I murder him until one citizen was able to smelt (but not able to have his requests fulfilled).

I was curious and then tested in my creative game if there was the same problem, but nope. In my creative game the smelter was correctly deliver by the deliveryman with ressources from the warehouse :/
How many deliverymen do you have in your colony? Eventually if you have a few workers a single one won't be able to deal with everything
I have only one. But that's not the problem. As I say above, the worker doesn't send a request to the deliveryman. It's not a problem of time, I checked. When a worker need an item store in the warehouse, when you chekc the request there is one for the warehouse.
In my case, there was none of it, even after droping ore in the warehouse and then cancel the request to reinitialyze it.
Moreover, when a worker have a request, and you have the object of that request in you inventory, there is the option "fulfill". Even there my smelter doesn't present that option when I had ore in my inventory

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