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No Monsters spawn in colony area.
it would be interesting to have the option to disable the spawn of monsters within the area that the town hall provides us. so we could wrap up the colony with walls and not have to spread a bunch of torches through the colony.
There is a mod called Peaceful Surface that won't spawn mobs in anything about light level 0.
If you plan the colony well enough you can use the lampposts/lamps to make it natural. One of the things I do is plan the infrastructure (paths and such around the town hall before I place additional buildings) This helps ensure fewer gaps in lighting. Where improvements might be made on the mod in is a pass through all building blueprints for all levels to ensure they are properly lit so you never have to worry about dark spaces in a placed structure like a level 5 town hall. With the addition of infrastructure pieces like parks, just make sure they have proper lighting as well and then its all about the grid you use to layout the town.

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