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Removing borders
I place my town hall so that it would be the right distance away from my friend's colony border, but when I placed my town hall, I found out the default area from the town hall was 150 blocks instead of 180, which I had calculated the distance for.

I deleted my colony so I could move the town hall closer and reposition the borders, but deleting the colony doesn't remove the borders.

Even though I deleted my colony and it no longer appears in the colonies list, the border remains and it still says my colony is close when I press F3.

So now, because the border is still there, I can't place my town hall anymore, because it thinks my original one is still where I first placed it.

Is there really no way to remove the borders so you can start over in the same place?
When you say you deleted the colony, how did you go about it? Did you remove the town hall, run the delete command or through another method?

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