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Hi all,

I want to play this great mod on a LAN network with my sister, but i couldnt give her any permissions to change any blocks within the colony. Is there any way we can still play together in the same colony? 

And is there a list of the possible commands somewhere?


Permissions are given at the town hall block, third icon down. Just make her an officer
I'm having an issue similar to this with my friend.
I made her an officer, made sure the settings were all good to go, but for some reason she still cannot do anything in my town. How do I fix this?
It keeps saying she doesnt have permission even though she does via the town hall.
Check to see if the name is misspelt at all, include all capitals, symbols, etc. Also make sure whichever rank you set them to (officer for example) definitely has all the permissions you want the person to have (These can be found under the permissions tab, on the extra pages)

I realise the original post is quite old now, but our new wiki has now been released, and there is a page there for all the current commands, link can be found in the navigation.
I used that wiki for the addOfficer command. Name was not misspelt and all capitalizations and such were on point.
That was my first thought before I posted as well. It will say she's good to go but then still not allow her to sleep, open doors, or use chests. I changed all the options to allow for everything aside from destroying blocks or attacking/killing citizens.

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