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A Few Questions
So I'm currently just learning this mod. I'm excited about it, because my current project is gonna be a big one and this will really make it feel alive. Unfortunately, my current project is not yet at a state that's ready for experimentation with this, and as I only get one, I don't want to place it till I'm good to go. So I've been reading on the wiki, and I have just a few questions:

1) The villager functions are determined by the worker blocks in their building (i.e. Builder by the Builder Hut block). In the wiki, it says you place the builder's hut block, and his first task has to be building his own hut. Now, if I build him a hut, will he accept that? and as an extension to all the rest of the jobs, if I build a building and place the worker's block in that building, will it be fully functional? Or does everything have to go through this mod?

2) I've also seen some mentions of being able to choose styles, or even set your own schematics up for the builder to choose from, but I don't see any resources about how to do this or what those options are

3) I'm going to be doing some large custom trees in my village. Will a lumberjack harvest those trees if I have that specific wood type enabled? I'd like to avoid that, but I also will need that wood type gathered since it's going to be one of my main materials in this project

Thanks in advance for your help
I don't really understand your questions. Maybe this will help (but I'm still new to Mine Colonies myself):
1. Once the builder has finished building his/her hut, you then can set down the 'block' for a new build, e.g. Warehouse and click on that to select Build it. Your builder will then go and build that.
2. You choose the style when placing down the block - when it suggests using the Building Tool, do that, and you'll be able to select the style then. Just placing it 'anyway' won't give you those options.
3. No idea.

There are a lot of videos on how to build - they are invaluable for us newbies.
As for #3, if you make sure the blocks underneth the bottom logs of your custom tree is not dirt (coble f.ex.) the lumberjack will not cut it down.
If you're using "moded" Minecraft then Bonsai Hoppers are the answer for wood. they're far faster than the lumber jack, who initially won't be able to keep up with the quantities of wood required.
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