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Bugs, Bugs everywhere
Minecraft 1.12.2  Updated minecolonies to .0.9.8 but previously had the 0.9.1 release version.

Citizens starve themselves.  Won't go to my level 3 restaurant at all.  If I don't chase them down and put food in the inventory they will happily starve even with food in the cook's chest block.

Cook stopped cooking.  After making two stacks of baked potatoes, he went on strike.  He has two stacks of coal and half a dozen stacks of potatoes.

Baker not baking because neither of my two deliveryman will bring wheat or coal even though stacks of both are in the warehouse and baker doesn't request anything.

No town boundary markers

Miner can't start mining on a new level because she tries to start the new level while descending ladder and doesn't get off the ladder onto the platform so she ends up at the bottom of the mineshaft and just stands there stupidly until its time to go home.

I have seen these bugs posted on github already so no point in posting them there again.

At this point, I am ready to just let them all die of starvation  and have a few nice medieval buildings for my base.

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