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New Guard type idea
Simple idea, since we have a Knight and a ranger, why not top off the classic rpg trope with a Wizard?   Maybe not necessarily have him live in the barracks, but be able to build a wizard/mage tower (similar to guard tower), and allow the wizard to learn maybe one of three different types of magic or something.  Fire / Frost / Lightning.  That way you can just take graphics already in game.  Blaze's/ghasts fire cast, throwing a block of ice/snowball, or calling down a lightning strike.  Leveling up his tower, allows his/hers spells wider, cast faster, or hit harder etc.  For instance a Level 1 mage tower allows a frost mage to only cast 1 snowball every (x/tower level) seconds, whereas a level 3 tower can cast 3 snowballs (in shotgun fassion) at once or in quick succession like a blaze. I'll give a full list of my ideas for each level / type below.

L1 - Wizard Tower Fire - A single fireball (based off blaze attack animation)
L2 - Wizard Tower Fire - Two fireballs in quick succession (based off blaze attack animation)
L3 - Wizard Tower Fire - Three fireballs in quick succession (based off blaze attack animation)
L4 - Wizard Tower Fire - One or Two big/wide area fireballs in quick succession (based off ghast attack animation)
L5 - Wizard Tower Fire -  Two, three or four area fireballs in quick succession(based off ghast attack animation) OR long flamethrower channel effect 

L1 - Wizard Tower Frost - A single snowball.  (Like Snowman)
L2 - Wizard Tower Frost - Two snowballs fired like a shotgun.
L3 - Wizard Tower Frost - Three snowballs fired like a shotgun.
L4 - Wizard Tower Frost - Four snowballs fired like a shotgun.
L5 - Wizard Tower Frost - Five snowballs fired like a shotgun.

L1 - Wizard Tower Lightning  - A very long cast weak lightning strike or a channeling lightning arc
L2 - Wizard Tower Lightning  - Slightly quicker / stronger
L3 - Wizard Tower Lightning  - Moderately quicker / stronger
L4 - Wizard Tower Lightning  - Stronger lightning strike
L5 - Wizard Tower Lightning - Cast can cause two lightning strikes at once.

This is just an idea, please feel free to interject, give criticisms and opinions.  It would be really cool to see a wizard or magic caster in this mod pack.

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