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Mod Update
No matter what modpack I find I still can't get the new buildings like the University and Hospital, also I can't find the new traits in the game they are still set up like the old Traits, so no Knowledge or Mana just the Strength, Charisma, Dexterity, Endurance, and Intelligence. I use Twitch and have tried MineColonies Official by H3lay which seems to still be in 1.12.2-0.10.654-BETA and does not have the new job huts. The only Mod Pack that I can find with the new job huts is the Minecolonies DevPack which I would use if it only had all of the quality of life mods I'm used too. Even the last updated Modpack only has the 1.12.2-0.11.804-RELEASE does not have the new features. This would be all ok, I do not need to play the latest updated version of the game except for the fact that the wiki seems to have updated to the new version and I was using it pretty heavily looking up which trait is best for the job and it now lists different traits.  

If I could get any help it would be much appreciated. 

Thant KitNiec

Edit: I'm using the Twitch ModPack New Beginnings with a couple additional mods added to it. For any modding noobs I got the New Beginnings, The Endless Frontier, and Minecolonies DevPack then I just copy and pasted the mod files into the New Beginnings mod file that I wanted. My computer does not do well with modpacks with over 120 mods, so New Beginnings is small enough that even adding 10 mods to it do not lag my computer.
You could just make your own pack, or manually update minecolonies in an exisitng pack. The new stuff is only avalible in the 1.15.2 version AFAIK though, so modpacks based on earlyer Minecraft versions wont work.

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