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A few Questions about Mine Colonies
Ever since its inception I have loved the idea of this mod for minecraft giving you a town to build and defend which I feel minecraft was missing all along. 

I have some questions though.

1. I am currently running the mod on 112.2 what is the latest minecraft version that this mod supports?

2. When you build the restaurant it doe not know any recipes.  I know the recipe for bread which is as basic as it gets but there does not seem to be any way to teach recipes for cooking meat in a furnace even though the cook asks you to tell them what to use as fuel for the furnace.  I would love to know this as the chicken/cow herder huts would be more useful then.

3. Which version of minecraft gives you the most control over worldgen?  This mod relies a lot on flat-ish worlds and its not always easy to accomplish this.

Thank you and good day!
I can answer question #2 but can only guess at #1&3. Restaurants seem to already know how to cook food, so at level 1 they can make vanilla cooked food like meat and baked potatoes. As they level up they seem to be able to cook more things like toast, though they do not make things like bread. To make bread you need a baker so that your restaurant can make toast. I am still trying to find a modpack that supports the latest version. I guess you could try to play in a superflat word if you are concerned about the flatness, I would try the life in the village modpack it has a world gen that is mainly flat with some hills just don't play the amplified one.
thanks man thats what I needed to know
(10.05.2020, 00:47)RonNichols Wrote: 1. I am currently running the mod on 112.2 what is the latest minecraft version that this mod supports?

The last supported version is 1.15.2, same as ForgeWink

I play this one, in SMP with a personnal modpack along side with more 300 other mods...  Blush

All are allways kept up to date with all the last alpha, and it work fine (most of the time) Big Grin
Runs on 15.2 (which I'm currently using)..
Currently running the latest official realse (March) if I try and upgrade to the latest beta it appears to trash all block IDs and breaks Blue Power.
Biome's O Plenty gives you greatest control .. allows a super flat world, but pretty much any plains or meadows biome will do, although I'm currently in a shield biome and it's pretty flat.
You can add MineColonies to almost any of the 15.2 packs on Curse (use the GDLauncher as its considerably better than the Twitch launcher). I'm running a modifer HRNewBegginings back (minus the Allomancy Mod, but with MiningGadgets, Powah, Blue Power, Botania, Simple Jetpacks, and a couple of others) but you could just add it to "All the Mods 5"
One word of advice .. turn off Barbarian attacks as they're completely impabanced in 1.15 (see my thread in the Balance section for why or get to "supremium" level in Mystical agriculture before you start a colony)
I use World Edit to help get flatter land.
I'd go bananas trying to flatten 5,000 + blocks without it  Tongue
Also check out which has a couple of seeds.

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