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Smooth sandstone?
Does anyone know of a fix or minor mod for a modpack that has somehow disabled the smelting of sandstone into smooth sandstone. I've got my university at level 1 sandstone, & now cannot upgrade to level 2 because of this. With the research stuff, that means I won't be able to do anything beyond 1st tier research, leaving multiple upgrades & even some buildings blocked. :/
Doesn't Not Enought Items show any extra ways to create a smooth sandstone?
If not, you can, uhm, find some structures made of smooth sandstone.
If the mod pack has disable the smelting recipe then there must be another way to create it .. you'll have to use that, and JEI should show you what it is.
I checked JEI before I ever posted.

JEI shows smooth sandstone ONLY creatable from chiseled sandstone - & chiseled sandstone ONLY creatable from smooth sandstone. Circular creation, with no way to actually bring either into the world.

We just updated to Velhelsia 2.2.0a last night, & this same broken situation is there.

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