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Nordic town hall bugged
Nordic town hall.

Build level 1.

Upgrade to level 2 - the building is placed at a 90 degree rotation to the original building. I had to dig my builder out of a room  w/ no doors, as she walled herself in between the overlapping rotated structures.

Upgrade to level 3 - rotated BACK to the original rotation, but this time offset several block as well.

This is insane. It might be best to remove the option for Nordic town hall if this cannot be fixed. Is there any way to switch the building style of a level 2 building?
Additional buggieness:

Upgraded to level 4 - rotation did not change from level 3. Good.

Upgraded to level 5 - rotation did not change from level 4. Good.

Attempted to reposition due to initial rotation bugs from the level 1>2 & 2>3 ugrades. No matter where I stand, what direction I face the block from, or how I rotate it - the block will ALWAYS land facing either north or south. I'm trying to get it to face east, as that was my initial placement.

Again, I would suggest that Nordic be removed from town hall options if this cannot be fixed. It destroyed a chunk of my restaurant in the initial rotation bug, & now will never face the way I had wanted.
I've not had issues going from lvl 1 to lvl 2 on 0.771.RE on Minecraft 1.15.2.. not upgraded further yet so can't comment on higher levels

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