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University 3 & leather armor
Attempting to upgrade to 'star wars' style university T3.

Among the items requested are leather tunic, leather cap, leather boots, & leather trousers/pants (I forget which).

The icons shown are NOT the standard brown leather armor. They are metallic looking, with a smidgen of brown on them.

These items do not exist. They cannot be crafted, they do not show up in JEI. Therefore, at least this style of university cannot be upgraded to T3 - meaning all of the research unlocked at T3 & higher is also completely blocked.

This is a mod-breaking bug. At this point, I don't much see a point in continuing with this mod; it is just too buggy to even play.
You can dye leather armor, so maybe it's one of the dyed variants?
That was it, thank you!

Had to experiment for a bit, but it's the WHITE-dyed leather.

Since those items don't have the colors labeled on them, could I suggest removing the dye requirement in a future update?

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