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One thing I often run into is getting loads of items that are near broken or over-stocked, especially after raids or resource gathering mission. A scrapper would take items and either scrap or repair them, depending on what the player sets in the Scrapper menu. Various settings would determine the logic of what is taken and how it is used.

There would be 3 categories of items - Weapons, Armor and Tools. Each could be toggled to Scrap or Repair.

If scrap is toggled then a %damaged value is entered to determine which items get set from the warehouse. As an example, if Weapons are set to Scrap with a value of 25% then any weapons in the warehouse that have more than 25% damage would be sent to the scrapper and converted into the appropriate material comparable to the amount of damage - in other words, the more damaged the item the less return in materials the Scrapper would get. The materials involved would be those used to make the item in the first place, allowing nuggets, sticks, etc if the result isn't a full ingot/wood block/etc

If Repair is toggled then a %damaged value would indicate the threshold that an item of that category would be sent to the scrapper. The scrapper would then combine like items until it is fully repaired and also return extra in the combination as a damaged item. Example : The threshold is set at 25% for weapons. Any weapon that is more than 25% damaged is available to the scrapper. 2 swords come to the scrapper, one is 50% damaged, the other is 30% damaged. The remaining undamaged parts are combined (50% + 70%) to yield an item that has 120% value. This yields one completely undamaged sword and one 80% damaged sword. Optionally a "loss of materials" % could be used that signifies that no item is completely recovered.

Another "minimum stock" setting would limit the Scrapper from taking all items out of the warehouse. If it were set to 10 then the scrapper could only take items if there were more than 10 of them in the warehouse.

The various levels of the Scrapper building would determine what level of materials they could scrap. Example would be at level 1 a Scrapper could scrap/repair wood and stone items, at level 2 they could handle iron and gold, at level 3 they could do diamond. At level 4 they can do enchanted items (resulting in an un-enchanted item), and at level 5 they have a chance to recover the enchantments as well.

Scrappers can also be 'taught' to scrap/repair items that are not vanilla by entering the recipes for that item. Each level increases how many recipes can be learned.

The university would require the blacksmith be at level 3 to unlock, and could also lead to research that would decrease the materials lost in repair.

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