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Optifine compatibility issue
Hello guys, 

There is a small issue that has popped up, and even though i know its not an issue within minecolonies itself someone here might be able to help me anyway. 

So context; modpack including minecolonies, everything 1.15.2 one of the latest forge; all runs good , just so you know you don't have to look into any other of those to seek where the mishap happens; 

I install optifine; optimization of minecraft is much better but; for some reason it now doesn't load -some- not all but some of the workbench/building function block textures, for example the baker it does load, the flower shop it doesn't

The textures should be there because obviously before optifine they were fine so my guess is that for some reason optifine itself does not find them or load them, 
So if I know where i can find said textures and where optifine loads from I though I might be able to manually place them in the correct spot or something like that.

Thank you in advance for any help
- arPos  Big Grin
(I love being back on a good old PhPbb forum btw)

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