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Trouble getting the mod to launch
Hi folks - I'm having a bit of a problem getting Minecolonies to actually launch.

I have had it running on this PC in the past, but for some reason, no matter which combination of Minecraft/Forge/Minecolonies/Structurize I install, I can't seem to get it working again.  It has gotten as far as letting me start loading a save or a new world in some instances, while others seem to crash back to the launcher near the end of the load process.

Can someone let me know which is the most stable build to use?  My last attempt was as follows:

Minecraft V 1.16

Forge 1.15.2-31.2.24

Minecolonies 0.10.771 Release

Structurize 0.10.313 Release
Version 1.16 cant run Version 1,15

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