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worker pathing
I have been having a couple issues with my deliveryman and builder going very strange routes to their destination because of what I'm guessing are fixed points they must pass through on their way.

This has led to issues where my builder just kept jumping against this 2 block high ledge I had built for about a minute before finally walking a long way around to the top of that ledge and then continuing on to the building they were working on. I have also had the builder and deliveryman in one colony keep going about 3 blocks into my barracks before going back out the same door to continue on their way.

I also went into the mod settings and increased block placement speed because I wanted my builder to go faster, only to have her build herself into a wall and suffocate. This seemed to happen because she always walks to a particular corner to build from, but may start placing blocks before she reaches that corner, and in this case, placed blocks right where she was standing.

Mostly these are quite minor issues, but is there any way to visualize and or change these paths, like possibly to direct them along the roads I build so that it seems even more like a real town?
I'm having similar issues Sad it hinders progressing the town.
I think there is something wrong with waypoints. Do you use waypoints?
if you have multiple buildings close together in a jumble or use any of the infrastructure, or if you have ever laid down waypoints outside of those provided by the aforementioned structures, their pathing can get royally screwed up. I have found if you select an infrastructure item that has waypoints you can get them all to show up. From there you can see which ones your npc's are using. If you need to remove a bad waypoint, you can place a block in the square the waypoint is in and leave it there for a few minutes and it should remove the errant waypoint. (5 minutes should be sufficient?

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