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Waypoints and Pathfinding
So I made a bunch of roads to help colonists get around but now they seem to be stuck running between Waypoints or just running to the same waypoint circling in place over and over again. I cant see the Waypoints even if I try to place a Waypoint to try and delete them so Im left guessing where they are and leaving blocks on them with the hope that the 20 seconds buried deletes them rule is actually a thing as thats the only solution ive yet read online.
i get the same issue when a barbarian attack is happening , it's solve it self when all the barbarians are dead.
I do not appear to have any barbarians attacking and my colonists have been stuck running in circles for a few hours now. At night they go to their homes and sleep then at dawn they return to their circles.
if you are on a server try to restart it , that fixed the issue for me.
Restarting the server solved the issue thank you!
Which version are you using? I believe waypoint rendering was re-added not too long ago
Yeah, waypoint rendering has been readded and barbarian madness fixed =)

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