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Pacifist chicken herder?
Sorry if this is the wrong location. Tried searching around and couldn't find anyone with a similar issue.

I'm playing the Valhelsia 2 1.15.2 modpack which features MineColonies in it.

Thus far everything has worked flawlessly, but I for the life of me cannot figure out to make my chicken herder actually kill chickens.

They have a Level 1 chicken hut which should support 2 chickens and excess should be killed off.

As I type this I have more than 50 chickens in my pen. If I take away the herders axe they say they cannot perform their job until they get an axe. But the axe never gets used. They just keep breeding chickens. I've tried firing/rehiring, restarting, the works.

Is this a me issue, a valhelsia issue, or a bug?


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