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Builder Blacksmith Level 3 item need causing crash of client
New forum user here, greetings all! I hate to start with a bug, but that's what I got Sad.

First, I'd like to say that the work you all have done on this mod, truly fantastic work. Your efforts are well appreciated beyond what I can express with these words.

For the issue I have, I don't know if it's Minecolonies specific, but it was 100% reproduceable on the world save I have. Caused the client to crash and create a java -0 report error (on both of my computers client side, server didn't seem to know anything about it, or at least it didn't show in the logs).

Condition: Build Blacksmith Level 3

Effect: Viewing build orders in the clipboard or going to the citizen and opening more details on what they need (note that it won't crash until the particular item is shown, so if there's build orders above theirs for another builder, then I scroll down until it locks up and crashes the client).

This was late in the build process when the upgrade was nearly finished it looked like.

Interestingly, after I canceled the build, I could re-enable it to preview the needed items and that didn't seem to be a problem. The items left on that list were:

- Flint and Steel (I disabled fire spread, which 'may' have something to do with this one? I can use Flint and Steel fine otherwise)

- Torch

- Anvil

- Item Frame

Possibly more items were needed, but that was all it showed.

I haven't started the construction again just yet... going to test that later. If it happens again, then I suspect the texture corruption or missing issue of some sort. Hopefully no other building orders have the same problem.

If this is a known issue or there's an obvious "don't do that or don't build that", great, let me know please. I hope this helped the mod otherwise in any case.

Yes, I have other mods installed (the Valhelsia 3 pack).


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