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Painted Aluminum Application manufacturers
Painted Aluminum Coil for Facades
Painted aluminum coil for facades is a lightweight metal that is durable, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable. The majority of aluminum facades for the building industry is pre-coated in coil prior to facades panel manufacturing.
The use of painted aluminum coil for facades contributes to green building design by enabling high ratings in the energy efficiency of building. The painted aluminum coil for facades comes in wide range of different panels that virtually enable every building shape and form, which leads aluminum coated coils become the most popular materials in buildings.
◆ Specifications
✔ Alloy: 1050,1060, 1100, 3003, 3104, 3105, 5005, 5052,5754
✔ Temper: O–H112
✔ Protective film of our painted aluminum coil for facades: on request
✔ Thickness: 0.08~6.0 mm (normally 1.0~3.0 mm, tolerance ±3%)
✔ Painted aluminum coil for facades coating systems: PE (polyester) paint, PVDF paint, Nano PVDF paint, FEVE paint
✔ Paint brand: Normally PPG and Beckers, and other brands available as requested
✔ Coated colors: RAL, NCS, Pantone etc. or on request
✔ Anti-abrade: abrasion coefficient≥1.6L/um after sand trail
◆ Ordering & Packing
✔ Essential info for inquiry: alloy & temper, required sizes, painting thickness and color, end usage
✔ MOQ: 5 MT per spec
✔ Painted aluminum coil for facades packing: protection and wooden pallets with fumigation for seaworthy
◆ Advantages of our painted aluminum coil for facades
1) Super peeling strength
2) Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
3) Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance
4) Even coating, various colors
5) Fireproof, excellent heat and sound insulation
6) Superior impact resistance
◆ Adopted Standards
ASTM-B-209M, YS/T429.2-2000, BS EN 485-2, BS EN 573-3, GB/T3880-2008
◆ Applications of our painted aluminum coil for facades
1) Building interior and other curtain walls
2) Rebuilding for old buildings
5) Advertising boards and signs
6) Wallboards and ceilings for tunnelsPainted Aluminum Application manufacturers

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