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China Advertising CNC Router factory
High precision for jobs with moulds, engraving, 3D designs and other more conventional jobs.  Fast and accurate. Ideal for processing and manufacturing several applications such as signage, titles, medals, models, electric panels, etc. It can work with metallic and non-metallic materials such as iron, copper, plastic and wood.

Some features:
A:High speed. It can process curves and lines simultaneously, interpolating three axes at a speed of 12m/min.
B:Memory. Standard assignation of 128MB to ensure a simultaneous direct USB data transmission, with capacity to store 30 processed files.
C:Fast transmission. The DSP control USB interface ensures processing with an off-line computer, freeing all resources.
D:Compatible with CAD/CAM software, such as TYPE3, Artcam, Castmate, Proe, Artgrave, etc.
Practical feature. If the machine stops accidentally, when the system is restored it resumes work from the point where it stopped.
E:Robust. Robust cast steel structure that provides improved stability and strength.
FTonguerecision. High-precision ball screw.
H:Strength. Water-cooled mandrel with high-power inverter of 2.2Kw.
I:Superior. Integrates the most advanced control system, a DSP control with infinite functions to facilitate the job processing.
Working area  X-Y600 x 900 mm
Z-Axis Clearance120 mm
Resolution± 0,01 mm
StructureHardened cast iron
Axis X -Y -Z MovementBall screw
Max. Travel Speed 30 m/min
Spindle 2,2kw - 24.000 rpm - water cooled
Voltage220 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph
VacuumSide channel turbine 5,5 kw / 7,5 kw / 11kw
SoftwareEnRoute / VCarve
Weight260 kg
Samples :

Work Together With BAOKUN
1. BAOKUN CNC SOLUYION  Let your after sale service cost down 30%
2.BAOKUN CNC SOLUYION Let your customers reorder rate improve 50%
3.BAOKUN CNC SOLUYION Let your business fellow the CNC market development direction
4.BAOKUN CNC SOLUYION Delivery on time let your business Progress smoothly
5.BAOKUN CNC SOLUYION Give all time technology support
6.Once time order 3-6 sets have 2%-5% discount
Standardized production workshop
Strict quality inspection process
After sales service and warranty
After sales service24 hours technical support by Email or Calling.
Service mail:
Service tel: +86-18678090742
Skype: kevinqu5
English manual and CD video for machine using and maintaining.
Hardware: 1 year on all parts and labor.
Software: Whole life on update for free.
Maintenance and technological support: Whole life.
Quality control1. Strict control machine assembly each link, ensure the machine clean and beautiful.
2. 48 hours continuous working before the machine leaving factory, ensure the high quality of each machine.
Customer supportService timeMonday to Sunday
Service tel+86-18678090742
Service skypeKevinqu5China Advertising CNC Router factory

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