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Discord Ban
A few weeks ago I got banned (automatically I believe) for breaking one of the rules.  This ban was appropriate, however, it was due to a misunderstanding on my part.  I am humbly requesting that the ban be lifted, as I try to be a supportive member of the community, but this really does cut me off.  I can assure you that the incident (pinging admins, in hopes someone could promptly pull data on a bug before it was lost) will not happen again.
I will be fair and unban you, you may have been unlucky pinging admins in a time when there was multiple people misusing it.
But I will stress that you should always first try and ping someone who is online before resorting to pinging a group, given that we all work from different parts of the world it's very likely someone could be sleeping and be woken up, which as you probably can imagine is rather frustrating.
Please make sure to re-read the rules on re-entry, as to avoid any issues in the future. Smile

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