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How to change the size of the colony? Bug?
(14.10.2018, 21:05)PoroUsedSnax Wrote: Once a colony has been placed you need to claim more chunks, changing it in the config is just for new colonies.

Use this command: /mc colony claim [colony: colony id] [range: number in chunks] [add: true/false]

Can you show an example of using this command? I tried the following but it returned what looks like an error?

I entered: /mc colony claim Snapshot84's Colony 125 true

It returned: /mineColonies colony claim <colony: integer> <dimension: integer> [range: integer] [add: boolean]: missing required parameter colony

I'm not sure what my colony id is?

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RE: How to change the size of the colony? Bug? - by Snapshot84 - 05.11.2018, 04:46

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