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Bugs and stuff
First off thank you for this awesome mod!  I first found Mine Colonies through the Yogscast Yogbox modpack way back when.  And now I'm enjoying it with modern minecraft.  A few questions and maybe a few bugs.

1) The builder will ask for things in the builder hut chest and sometimes will come back to the builder hut and request items he already has in his inventory as well.  Simply choosing to cancel his item request fixes it and he goes back to work but its annoying.

2) Speaking of the builder he no longer will take items he needs from supply chests and you must hand feed him everything which is annoying.

3) The teach recipe function needs to be 3 x 3 so we can show the builder how to make stairs and slabs and such.

4) The chicken herder lady just stands in her house and does nothing.  She doesnt request anything either.  I threw eggs in the chicken pen until I had some baby chicks in there but now I am unsure what to do. 

5) In the past the female colonists would wander around killing animals and collecting meat and flowers and stuff.  They no longer do this and also hardly any females spawned in my colony with the males.  It used to be matching pairs didn't it? male/female pairs I mean.

Thanks and have a great day!

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