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I was trying to make a mostly Dark Oak colony. I know some buildings aren't Dark Oak Treehouse style yet and that's fine.
However, I noticed that the Restaurant is dark oak style but only in the Decorations -> Dark Oak tab which doesn't work as a functioning restaurant. 

So I went into a flat world and followed the steps to create a schematic that is supposed to work with the appropriate chest. 
Checked footprint sizes = all the same
Checked height to be scanned in = all the same
Checked chest position = all the same.

The issue is that it will not show up under Restaurant. It shows up under "My Schematics" and also under "Decorations" but neither of those requires you to have the restaurant chest in your inventory so none of them work as a functioning restaurant.

To be clear, I followed the instructions exactly that are listed here:

Also if it helps. I use Minecraft version 1.12.2. 
Minecolonies is all up to date for that Minecraft version and I use the most up to date forge for that particular version of Minecraft as well.

So my question is a two-parter. 
1) How do I get this restaurant to work?
2) For how do I get new schematics to work as various functioning and leveling huts?

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