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Minecolonies Patreon Competition
Patreon Colony Challenge:

As announced in some places already we are having a Patreon colony challenge which started today around 12 PM GMT and will close in around three weeks at the 23.
Patreons and Devs are randomly divided into two mixed teams and shall build the best colony they can.

Selection criteria:

- Size of colony (amount of buildings)
- Average level of buildings
- Happiness
- Efficiency:
    - How close are work buildings to home buildings
    - How close are restaurants from any worker building
- How fit are workers for their jobs (Are they a good match)
- Layout
    - Are worker buildings grouped by type
    - Is living/working separated
- Are all worker buildings there
- Avg skillpoints of citizens
- Do paths have waypoints

- Layout of the colony
- Decorations
- Nicely embedded in environment
- Coherent style of buildings/environment/decorations

Strength test: 

Does it survive our final test of epic barbarian and pirate wave.

Minecolonies Settings:

Stronger and bigger raids!
Close to a big body of water (for pirates)


- Rank on discord/forum/ingame with "Major Mayor" or something like that.
- Website page with competition and they are featured as winners there.
- Vote on a medium sized feature (one weekend task) to be implemented by Raycoms.

If you just heard of it and still want to join in, it's not to late, sign up as Patreon and contact us on Discord so we can assign you to a team.

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