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Builder's hut
I was playing the mod as normal, and i accidentally broke the Builder's Hut block, what i can do now, do i have to re-build the builder's hut or there are other solutions?
You could paste the builder's hut back in at the same level through creative (Paste options are in the building tool menu) but other than that you'd have to build it back up as you mentioned
If all the rest of the blocks of the builder's hut are still in place, then just using the build tool to plan the same building in the same place should allow the builder to rebuild it instantly shouldn't it?
Apologies for the late reply on this. You've likely already sorted yourself out, but I'll add this anyway. In theory yes, if you do it that way they should be able to rebuild it basically straight away, but the built building and the hut are different in level then they would likely rebuild it

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