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Industrialized Style [Minecolonies x Immersive Engineering]
Many people have asked on the Minecolonies Discord for a building style utilizing Immersive Engineering, so I decided to make one. 


You know this won't be official, right?
Yes, I am aware.

What if I don't have Immersive Engineering installed?
Well you can still use the style pack, things just won't be very pretty near the end.


.zip   Industrialized (Size: 28,01 KB / Downloads: 11)

Right now, I've only made the citizen hut, but I'll have some more soon enough.

A note:
Due to some weirdness between Minecolonies and Immersive Engineering, all schematics will be missing conveyor belts (their locations will be denoted by brown carpet) and power connectors. Some buildings will require you to place them yourself, but in others power will be optional. Just make sure when you use LV and MV cables they're insulated. (Your colonists don't like being shocked very much)

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