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Miner Shaft/Nodes Issue
Don't necessarily know if this is an issue, but my Miner refuses (or maybe its me who knows) to create shafts/nodes or whatever, and just digs straight down creating the hole. Am I missing something?
The miner will prioritise making their shaft down, only making shafts outwards when they've reached the bottom, or they've reached the max height down they can go for their level.
My own miner has also stopped working. She's reached as far down as her level permits but is now taking a coffee break by the mine box at top level refusing to make any nodes outwards. There's no requests in her info sheet and she seems to have enough of everything she 'needs'.
maybe this is a problem with the miner not showing their requests in his GUI. i started to have this bug with recent mod builds.

if you put the materials he need, he will start working, but his GUI never show the requests.  In my case i know the materials he could be needing so that help me, it depends on the miner hut style.

normaly he request tools (acording to lvl), planks and fences (of the style wood type), coblestone, torches. If is one of the 'Medieval Styles' by carlansor, he requests coblestone stairs and slabs instead of wood.

give it a try.

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