Poll: More Info on Size and Height Placement?
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Info on Building Placement and size.
It would be nice to know before placing, or perhaps as you place? A new building how big an area it needs, and were the height you need to place the building item for the building to be level with the ground. For the Town hall in my world we just built, they dug 3 layers into the ground and put the floor down there, and started taking out buildings that weren't in the way of the town hall for being too close to it. x.x; And I couldn't even find in your online wiki how big a space the buildings needed to not do that. Or how high I had to place the building to prevent it from being put into the ground.
If you use the building tool it has a preview with the later levels of the build too.
That is not as helpful as you may think. I do use it, but since you can't see whats on ground level, you have to raise the level of the building up to see if it has stairs or not. Not to mention that its not at all obvious that the building tool is used for that. 3 of us playing this mod for a couple of weeks, and we all thought it was just a tool for making blocks.

I'm not really asking for that much, coding wise, for this. Just in the description of the item, or when you go into the build menu include it in the list of blocks. I much prefer raw numbers like that for planing anyway, eye balling it sucks. ^.^;;

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