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Regarding Crafter's hut and such
I saw in your "roadmap" that you're going to have different crafters, and that seems nice. I am using this mod for different reasons, but mostly it's about a "cheaper" and easier way to produce than using buildcraft or other automationtypes. I want to be able to create a sustainable city where I can go to fill up on everything I need when I'm busy doing other things. (If I'm having it with Galacticraft or other "adventure"packs). 

So for my question and suggestion: When I want to build a building or a upgrade, and I request it. Would it be possible for the builder to request what they don't have? And then if what they're requesting is no where in town, they'll autoplace a request for the crafter to make these blocks without me interfering? Or do I always have to place requests for the crafter when he/she gets implemented? I want a sustainable colony where I can place build requests, and then just go about my adventuring while they actually are able to perform this task. (Even if it is slow because of resource-harvesting and crafting). 

Sorry for poor grammar.
There are multiple crafters already implemented into the mod now, you just need to update. Your suggestion for requests is how the crafters work normally and is mainly what they were intended for to begin with, to allow more automation without requiring the player to intervene once set up

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