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Minecolonies: Urban settlement
[Image: NcuV2c9.jpg]


Minecolonies: Urban settlement.

Hello there. After playing this mod with several different types of building styles, I found it always feeling like building villages. And even tho there is nothing wrong with that, I wanted to create something that felt more of a town or city after a while. I also wanted something that could feel a bit like the late 1800s, early 1900s to function well with industrial stuff and railroads that I often end up using. So I started working on a theme for that, where every building is made to sit next to each other. They all follow the same "segments", with cornerpieces beeing 14x14 blocks, and non-corners are 14x15 blocks. Many buildings are are two or three segments in size, but still made so they will fit next to ofter buildings. This way the player can create a city like settlement with narrow streets and conected buildings. The only buildings in this pack not ment to sit next to other buildings is the warehouse. The fishingdocks however is only ment to sit next to other fishingdocks.

I started this project becouse I wanted buildings like this myself, but thought that sins I already have put so much work in to this, then I might aswell share it if there is anyone out there who is interested in using this. 

The first download is now out. It will be updated with new buildings, and some will change. The townhall (Who is suposed to be a hotel), will definately change, and become completly different. But I do not know when.

A few of the buildings will have to be of a more rural style, and places outside the town. Like for example the lumberjack. But I try to make most of them fit in the city, by making for example the cowboy into an industrial slaughterhouse, and the swinehearder as a butcher shop with pigs in a backalley.

Buildings done so far: 

Citizen (in three versions: non-corner, oak- and spruce corner. The corners are included in the download, but does not go by the name "Urban", but "UrbanCornerOak" And "UrbanCornerS")
Townhall (But will be tweaked)
Resturant (two versions. Made a new and bigger resturant, but the old version will be in the "UrbanCornerOak" category)
Archery (Will most likely be changed, it might be to expensive)
Guardtower (This is just some temporary thing I made, while I figure out how I want to make it fit in the theme)
Street, under the decoration category.

Buildings to be done:

Combat academy
Stone smeltery
Stone crusher

A few pictures from the streets:

[Image: Gdsec53.jpg]
[Image: bCRWc3m.jpg]

[Image: NS4LFZp.jpg]

(For those who reacts on errors in my writing, english is not my strongest side)


Feedback is always welcome.
I really like the idea and the building style! I'm looking forward to using this!
(24.02.2019, 15:20)Fatalisme Wrote: I really like the idea and the building style! I'm looking forward to using this!

Thank you for that. I hope you enjoy it now that the download is out.
This is real nice! I love the look and theme! Big Grin
Wow! this looks promising indeed! Keep doing such a good job! Smile

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