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Lumberjack workings?
Anyone know how to configure the lumberjack? mainly is there a way to get them to ignore certain tree types? its a little vexing to walk away and come back to find that the little bugger has deforested all of my decoration trees.
Normally it's wise to put them as far from the center of the colony as possible. However from what I remember at least one version of the mod had them ignore any logs over cobblestone. Not sure if that is in the current version or not but try swapping the dirt under the tree for a block of cobble.
i've been using dynamic trees mod for aesthetics. they tend to get mad when you take away their dirt. i've tried toggling the various trees off and on in the lumber jack gui but as far as i can tell there really dose not seem to be any difference in behavior. they still go wild with an axe and lop down every tree in existence. T_T
Hmm have you tried handcrafting the trees? Then you could have a cobble under the base of the trunk, and not have them go after them.
you can also disable certain types of trees for him to "not cut"
(21.03.2019, 03:23)Raycoms Wrote: you can also disable certain types of trees for him to "not cut"

im guessing you're referring to the GUI that comes up when you click on the lumberjack block? i set everything to off and the ax wielding maniac still lops down every tree in existence T_T. in the end i just fired them and left the building unstaffed and supplemented my wood supply with an automated tree farm. \(-_-)/
This should be fine in the newest version

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