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Barbarian doesn't attack
sometimes barbarians doesn't attack and this message approves:
Only 5 left
Only 4 left
Only 3 left
Only 2 left
Only 1 left
You sucsesfully defend your colony!
and this messages approves insantly and then villagers approves only next day.
also sometimes barbarian glitch out, im mean sometimes they can broke villager door with ladder and my villager can't enter to door
I'm new here, so I might be wrong.
In your game, is it the day?
I suppose the barbarians die during the day, so if this happens the barbarians will just die and respawn.
so basically im need to kill them in night (they attacking my village in night) and then sleep?
Yes, I think it would correct your glitch.

If it does, please keep us up-to-date!

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