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Citizens not spawning
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

Everything is in the title, here is a picture of 5 citizens who are acknowledged by the game, but I can't see them anywhere. I can still assign some invisible name to a lv2 citizen's hut, I will put a screenshot there.

By the way, I typed twice the command for spawning citizens, and used the command to respawn the citizen with the id of 2. Maybe I messed my colony up by doing so?


As you can see, Citizens n°1,3 and 4 have coordinates, and I can see them, while I don't see Citizens n°2,5,6,7 and 8.

By the way, even when I try the command : /mc citizens kill colony: 2 id: 2, nothing appears. However, I managed to kill my third employee.
My colony has the id 2.

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I managed to find a solution, here it is for those who have the same problem.

Basically, I deleted my colony, and did it again.

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