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Workers Stop Working
I'm playing on the 1.12.2 release build in a custom mod pack. It has worked so far, so I don't think its a compatibility issue. Everything has been working fine, but some, but not all, of my workers just stop working. They just sit in their house and do nothing. The workers affected seem to be Smeltery, Sawmill, shepherd, blacksmith, and most annoyingly Restaurant. Other workers just pile in the restaurant and I have to manually feed them. They worked for a while, but now have stopped and I don't know what to do. I've moved their houses, fired and rehired, but they still don't work.
I'm continuesly debugging this to find out what is causing this. Thanks for the report
Good morning,

First, please apologize my bad english, i'm French...

So, i have the same issue, and i play too on a custom modpack (a lite one, only these mods : minecolonies-1.12.2-0.10.286-ALPHA-universal, JustEnoughResources-1.12.2-, journeymap-1.12.2-5.5.5b6, jei_1.12.2-, InventoryTweaks-1.64+dev.146 and BetterFps-1.4.8).
The only issue i have is about these lazy workers, but i want to give some details (in order to help you to fix this) :
- Smelter : juste doesn't ask to deliverymen his needs, if i give him some minerals, he begins to work, but once his stock is out, he stops and ask minerals, no delivery answer.
- Sawmill : I don't have built that yet
- Blacksmith : He doesn't work, i can give him leather, iron, diamonds, sticks and everything he needs, he won't. But i notice that when my guards want some piece of armor, they ask for crafting it, and they ask for the materials required, instead of blacksmith (same for lumberjack when he needs an axe or other worker when they need any tool). The more annoying is that when happens, i am not noticed in the chat than they need something, cause the demand is send to blacksmith so the game consider i don't have to interact, so i have to check and check if someone needs something. the only "fix" i've found is to fire the blacksmith, and i can have the requests in the chat... (probably the same for the sawmill)
- Restaurant : same behaviour than the smelter, if i give him some raw food, he will cook it, and stop when he finished.

I hope this could help you to fix that, cause i want to be something else than a delivery man Smile

Thank you very much to all the team for developing this mod and keep it up to date, very good job guys !

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