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Building orientation wrong after upgrade
Maybe not a bug perse, but a heads up and something to look at ->

I placed houses in an older version (couple of months old). And updated MC a few days ago to *.259.

Today I upgraded a few houses from Lvl 4 to 5 and they're all facing the wrong way now. 
The builder rotated them 180 degrees and left a piece of the old house - This piece blocks the new door so colonists can't enter.
But more important, when I place the door facing the road/path and now it isn't, it kinda screws with the layout of my town. 

Angry I'll rebuild them later on from Lvl1, but perhaps for future versions this can be prevented.

The house model is MedievalOak. It probably happens with others too, but I didn't check.
Builders are wholly inefficient and dumb since the *.259 update. So not really in the mood for an experiment Wink

Also, did the build materials change? I don't remember needing Purpur for lvl5 houses before.
Some houses might have changed since the version was too old which caused this. We're sorry about this inconvinience.
The latest version makes the builder much faster (last alphas) which will create a new beta/release soon.

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